MINUTES (unconfirmed until tabled at next meeting)


MPA meeting


Date/Time                    Wednesday, 6 September 2017 at 6:00pm


Location                       1/25 Parker Street, Blenheim


Attendees                    Mike Budny, Gail Perano, Nicole Chauval, Mike Van Loon, Peter Chandler, Celia Bason


Apologies                    Judyne Heissenbuttel


Last committee meeting minutes

  • Minutes from the last meeting were read and confirmed to be accurate

                                                                                               Mike Van Loon / Peter Chandler


Matters Arising

  • Bob Henderson still to get quotes for new miniatures, repairs and engraving. The quotes are coming from Awards (Auckland) and Badges & Medals (Local)

                                                                                                    Celia Bason / Peter Chandler



  • Received the invoice from Collett Commercial Rentals

Financial Report

  • Balance cheque book as at 22 August 2017 $ 8,485.86

Unpresented cheques                                                                 -$ 5,971.00

Unpresented deposits                                                                      $ 764.00

Balance of cheque account                                                       $ 3,278.86

  • Outstanding Deposits
    Wayne Palatchie $ 154.00
    Paul Enright                                                                                     $ 264.00

Total Deposits pending                                                                $ 418.00

  • Accounts to be paid

Badges & Medals                                                                             -$ 12.65

Collett Commercial Rentals                                                           -$ 565.80

Gail Perano (Computer Toner)                                                      -$ 160.96

Balance of cheque account once presented                           $ 2,957.45

  • Balance of Savings account as at 22 May 2017 $ 3,125.58

                                                                                                    Celia Bason / Peter Chandler

General Business

  • The date for the end of year function is now Saturday 7th October
  • It was suggested that the MPA Website have read only access for anyone wanting to see what MPA has to offer
  • The last Tournament for 2017 is Mixed Pairs on the 30th September with the breakup function on the 7th October at the Woodbourne Tavern
  • Those who attended the Seddon Shield AGM were disgusted with attitudes of some people including one person who walked out. Very disappointing.
  • The Seddon Shield Tournament held in Greymouth was a success and Marlborough bought the trophy home.
  • Committee approved to have the ability to pay accounts online. We need to arrange access to make payments by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).  MPA still requires two signatories to make any payment.  The signatories are:
    • Mike Budny (President)
    • Nicole Chauval (Treasurer)
    • Gail Perano (Secretary)
  • The Golden Oldies of Upper Hutt have been approached about hosting a rep tournament where Marlborough would go to Upper Hutt in the first year then the following year Marlborough would host the tournament
  • Condolences from The Marlborough Pool Association for the passing of Justin Carlaw
  • Woodbourne Classics were granted dispensation for a non regulated player to finish the Champion of Champions due to the passing of Justin Carlaw

Meeting closed:        There being no further business the meeting closed at 6:55pm


Next meeting:            Wednesday 4 October 2017, 6pm at 1/25 Parker St, Blenheim

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