MINUTES (unconfirmed until tabled at next meeting)


MPA Committee Meeting


Date/Time                    Wednesday, 10 January 2018 at 6:30pm


Location                       1/25 Parker Street, Blenheim


Attendees                    Mike Budny, Gail Perano, Judyne Heissenbuttel, Mike Van Loon, Peter Chandler, Bob Henderson


Apologies                    Nicole Chauval, Celia Bason


Last committee meeting minutes

  • Minutes from the last meeting were read and confirmed to be accurate


Matters Arising

  • There were no matters arising



  • No correspondence

Financial Report

  • To be tabled at next meeting (Treasurer away on holiday)

                                                                                    Judyne Heissenbuttel / Peter Chandler

General Business

  • This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th March at the Redwood Tavern starting 7pm.
  • MPA will place advert in local papers for AGM no later than 2 weeks prior
  • The AGM will be advertised on the MPA website. You can print remit forms and nomination forms for committee positions
  • All remits and nominations must be with the secretary two weeks prior to the AGM
  • Committee positions available for nominations are:
    • President Mike Budny
    • Vice President Mike Van Loon (Webmaster)
    • Secretary Gail Perano
    • Treasurer Nicole Chauval
    • Selector – Men’s Peter Chandler
    • Selector – Women’s Celia Bason
    • Trophies & Publicity Bob Henderson

(Nomination forms are available on the website)

  • This year the Representative teams will be made up with:
    • 8 team players
    • Team Manager
    • 2 NON travelling players

The selector will pick 8 players and the 2 NON travelling reserves

The reserve players will only travel and play if one of the 8 players falls ill or is unable to travel

The Team Managers role is:

  • Responsible for the order of play and setting the pairs
  • Writing up game sheets
  • Collect the scores of each game
  • Able to step in and play if required
  • Assists the players with food and drink
  • Umpire games when required
  • Anyone wishing to apply for Team Manager please let the selectors know. If there is more than one person wanting the position the committee will vote
  • There are only three criteria to be in the rep team this year and they are:
    • Must be a paid up member of the MPA
    • Must live locally, reside in Marlborough
    • Must turn up for the first team practice. Date to be advised
  • Seddon Shield tournament will be 8th and 9th Teams must be selected and submitted to the committee meeting in August for approval.
  • Quotes are being obtained for badges to be given out to tournament winners for first and second place instead of miniatures. Gold for first and Silver for second
  • Friday’s Knockout games will commence Friday 9th February
  • MPA to purchase computer stick to back up all MPA documents to be retained by the treasurer

Meeting closed:        There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm


Next meeting:            Wednesday 7 February 2018, 6.30pm at 1/25 Parker St, Blenheim

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