Meeting held at Clubs of Marlborough Taylors Restaurant on Wednesday 4 April 2018.

Meeting open at 6.15pm

Present:    Mike Budney, Celia Bason, Mike van Loon, Peter Chandler, Nicole Chauval, Judyne Heissenbuttel

Apologies:  Bob Henderson


Minutes of last meeting with amendment (re start dates with two weeks off in middle).  Mike v.L proposed they be accepted as true and correct.   Seconded Pete.

Correspondence:   New deposit book   Letter from Companies Office to post financials......   Cheque received from Pelorus but there was a shortfall so we're holding it till they pay the balance of $35  Bank statement accepted and passed.   Prop. Pete, Sec Mike B.

Financial Report:    Cheque Account Balance 1914.27  with an unpresented cheque of $62.80 bringing the balance to $1977.07.    Savings account balance as at 27 January is $3126.22.   Financial statements accepted.   Prop Pete, Sec Mike B.


Mike B is going to chase up tournament trophies.   Bob has quotes etc but has not been forthcoming.    Mike will also put calendar of events posters up around the pubs.    Bob will bring the template and Mike will do it.   We will pay for poster to be printed professionally if necessary.

There was a lot of discussion around miniatures vs medals or badges with regard to cost.    It was felt that miniatures should be out and something cheaper in.   Mike will take some samples of alternatives around the committee members to have a look at and we'll readdress this at next meeting.

After discussion re Seddon Shield it was decided that we will no longer attend as the rules are archaic and don't help our game.   Just because its being going forever was not a good enough reason to continue given last years debacle with no trophies and the future omittance of West Coast (Greymouth) and murmurs of Nelson also departing after this years Seddon Shield.   Further, if we are going to discontinue we need to do it this year as next year it would be our turn again.   Celia to advise all the regions of our decision to vacate the Seddon Shield tournament.   It was discussed that we could create another tournament with the possibility of playing different rules which we may adopt at some future time given that we play on 7ft tables, rules that are traditionally played on 9ft tables.     Celia to ask Ceri's opinion of possible competition to approach with the idea of a yearly tournament to replace Seddon Shield.

Following on was discussion around the yearly Nelson/Marlborough clash.    We will still have this but will revert back to our venue our rules as previously played.   Celia to enquire whether Nelson would be keen for an alternative to Seddon Shield.   

Pete raised the issue of being charged $50 by the club for tea, coffee, sugar, milk etc for tournaments.    It was decided that Pete would purchase the necesssary items and we would reimburse him costs of same, with the addition of drinking chocolate.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 7.05pm.

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