Meeting open at 7.25

Present:   Mike Budney, Celia Bason, Judyne Heissenbuttel, Peter Chandler, Tardy Landon-Lane, Nicole Chauval, Mike van Loon.


Nicole was approached about the Seddon Shield decision being put to the players to talk about so Nicole texted committee members to see how everyone felt.    Some people think there should be a

Financial:   $2014.20 in cheque account as at .   $100 to cancer society for accounts.   We have an account for $200 from Genuine for the website.    special meeting about it so people can have their say.   Judyne was also approached by someone who felt people didn't have the opportunity to talk.   Mike said we need to approach Nelson and see what their feelings are.   Tardy is dead against pulling out.   Celia will get Nelson to rely in writing about their  feelings regarding our individual tournament and their willingness to come into an alternative tournament.    At the time of reply we will have another meeting to decide for sure what we are going to do.   Mike says if we advise via the website of a meeting to decide the fate of the Seddon Shield.   Said meetng will be held at 7pm on 16th May 2018 with committee to be present at 6.30pm.

Bob said medals work out at $8 permedal from Badges and Medals.   Bob got another quote as well from Philip Gibbons and they can't do it.   Award want all sorts of details first and Bob is going to sort that to to get a second quote.    Decision was already made by Mike to get the medals that he had earlier spoken about.   Regarding fixing the trophies fixed, Bob will get quotes while he is at it.     Still waiting for the stickers for last years tournaments.    Bob will sort that.

Bob wants to change the meeting time to 6.30pm, everyone is happy with that.    Rep practice to start about third week of May.

Meeting closed at 7.15pm.

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