MPA  Pool Meeting

6 June 2018

Meeting open at 6.37pm

Present:  Mike B, Mike V.L., Judyne, Pete, Tardy, Bob, Celia

Apology:  Nicole

Matters Arising:   The minutes of previous meeting were taken as read.  Pete, Bob

Badges & Medals, Awards - Bob has got quotes, Awards were $3 dearer per medal.   Bob will bring a sample to the next meeting.   It was decided we will give out miniaturres/medals etc at end of season function.

There are five  trophies that need replacing.   Some need new plates.   Badges & Medals will quote to repair them.   Bob is to get pricing from elsewhere.   It was agreed to get them fixed or replaced as needed.    Bob is to bring sample to next meeting and a trophy to show us what is replacing what.

Still no word on trophies from last year.   Celia to ring Fred yet again to chase them up.

General Business:  

Business Promotions Officer

Mike B. will put together a promotion type thing to try and get a Promotions Officer.   We need to do something to get Marlborough Pool out there.

Rep Players

Mens:   Ceri Worts, Malcolm Anderson, Andrew Hickey, Dean Campbell, Wayne Palatchie, Peter Chandler, Peter Smythe, Lewis Green, Paul Enright, Paul Langley, Rob Lang, Greg Croudis, Bob Henderson, Malcolm Goodwin, Greg Hammond, Tardy Landon-lane.

Womens:    Nicole Chauval, Celia Bason, Mary Landon-lane, Dawn Hart, Caryn Robertson, Lynn Dowler, Sandra Eden, Kim MacDonald, Judyne Heissenbuttel, Debbie Johnston, Gail Perano, Angela Underwood, Leanne Stowell, Lianne Budney, Tyler Budney, Helen Pope.

Meeting closed at 7.40pm

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