MPA Pool Meeting

July 2018

Meeting open at 6.37pm

Present: Mike B, Mike V.L., Judyne, Pete, Tardy, Bob, Celia, Nicole

Matters Arising: The minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted. Mike B, Judyne

Publicity Officer position is on the back burner until next year.

Correspondence: A letter received from Brent Simmons re Malcolm Anderson's behaviour at the Mens Pairs, late, not shaking hands, taking cue apart while opposition still playing. Celia to write to Brent acknowledging receipt of letter and to put something on website.

Treasurers Report: There is $90 received from registering of extra players. Still waiting on fees from Redwood and Woodbourne. Also $15 received from Graeme Johns. Financial report accepted. Celia, Pete

General Business: We are booked into Ocean Lodge for Seddon Shield including breakfast. Nicole needs to get one more quote. Tardy will name Mens Team after Open Singles on 28 July.

Tardy is also chasing up Nelson/Marl Ladies Trophy last seen at Royal. He will let Mike B know. Nicole seeking Red Book with all the winners recorded in it. Mike B thinks he may have it. Teams for reps to be named at next meeting.

It was discussed whether to take on three years of medals with Badge & Medals, their quote is cheaper but their letter doesn't stipulate terms properly. Mike B to go see them and get it sorted. We are still awaiting funding for medals. Mike B is to get a real quote from Awards.

Bob deleted data from the FB page, Mike V.L. reported. Mike V.L. needs tournament results promptly so as to put them online.

People are swapping in and out of teams, Mike V.L looking to put a protector on the site.

Celia needs to get the minutes to Mike V.L to upload asap!!!!

Rule 2.13.5 After the calculations at post section, we need to add another row (section seeding over who beat who).

Nicole to update document to reflect changes.

Meeting closed at 7.40pm

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