Minutes of the Marlborough Pool Assn Inc meeting held Wednesday 1 August 2018 at the Clubs of Marlborough at 6.37 pm

PRESENT:Mike Budny, Mike van Loon, Pete Chandler, Celia Bason, Nicole Chauval

Apology:Judyne Heissenbuttel

  1. Matters Arising

The minutes from the 6 June 2018 were read and accepted as a true and correct record.

  1. Correspondence

Email received from the Nelson Pool Association requesting that names of both Men's and Women's Representative Teams are to be sent by 10 August for inclusion in the programme. Nelson also advised that Motueka have indicated that they wish to join the Seddon Shield Tournament.

  1. Treasurer's Report

Balance cheque account as at 20 Jul 2018$4167.72

Unpresented cheques$416.00

Unpresented deposits$15.00

Bal of cheque account as at 1 August 2018$3766.72

Moved Ceila Bason/Seconded Peter Chandler 

That the financial report be accepted.

  1. General Business

The following men's and women's rep teams were table for ratification by the Committee.

Men's Rep Team:Greg Croudis (C), Greg Hammond, Pete Symthe, Wayne Palatchie (VC), Lewis Green, Andy Hickey, Deane Campbell, Malcolm Anderson, Pete Chandler, Tardy Landon-Lane (Manager)

Women's Rep Team: Nicole Chauval (C), Caryn Robertson, Karen Williamson, Sandy Eden, Kimmy MacDonald (VC), Helen Pope, Barbara Paton, Mary Landon-Lane

Members agreed that an application be made to the Pelorus Trust for Accommodation for the Men's and Women's A teams quoted at $3,000.

Moved Mike Budny/Seconded Nicole Chauval

Celia advised that she has continually rung and emailed Fred from Greymouth regarding last year's trophies but as yet to no avail.

We have received two quotes for trophies and that Nicole to apply for funding for the quote from Badges & Medals.

Members agreed that an application be made to Pub Charity for trophies quoted at $3,134.40.Moved Mike Budny/Seconded Nicole Chauval

Most Improved Player suggestions have been received from The Crow Tavern and Okaramio - still awaiting other team suggestions.

  • Dave Lock or Spike

End of Year function to be discussed at next meeting, a possible venue is the Springlands Tavern.

In 2019 the bottom team from A Grade may have to go to Division 2. More discussion at next meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed 8.20 pm.

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